Mar 30, 2011


Here's some imaginary creatures. Well, I don't know how imaginary they really are because you can easily tell which animals inspired me to draw hese.

Mar 16, 2011


Because we all like big cats! Sort of.

A birthday card for my classmate. I tried my best to get the colours right but they still differ from the actual card. Oh well.

Mar 11, 2011

Rejected keyframe

Here's an old keyframe of a scene that I am animating for my showreel. The scene went through many changes and in the end this picture, which was supposed to be the first frame, was taken away. As a drawing it looks nice but it just didn't fit in with the other frames.

Mar 8, 2011

Color-model for fun

 This little fellow looks like he’s a angry little cousin of this bird.

I could imagine him to be a villain in a cartoon show (a show about birds) where the heroes have to defeat him in almost every episode. I’m not saying that he would be like Team Rocket in Pok√©mon, where they get beaten up every single time, this character would be a tricky one to beat. He’s smart and tough enemy to deal with. He could have two or three minions but I think that he could handle things on his own.

The highlight in his pupil is not accidently red. I tried white but it made him look like he has a good side in him, which I don’t think he has. The red colour makes him more menacing in my opinion.

The filename says “red eye” but that’s not the character’s name. He deserves much cooler name than that.

Mar 2, 2011

Nokkavarpunen juttelee

The title means: "Hawfinch chats".

I started to work on this two weeks ago and I'm still stuck with it. I don't what to do with it. My plan was to colour it digitally to make it look like it was coloured with coloured pencils but that plan flew quickly out the window.

The real-life hawfinch has a little bit of white below the wing but I left that out. It started to look too distracting..

Original sketch.


Quick studies of hawfinch.