Dec 20, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I know that is a little bit too early but I don't care. Still, Happy Holidays!

Here's a bunch of random doodles done on weekends. Some of them are quite forced because.. well, I forced myself to draw something. After I started working as a full-time employee at Rovio I didn't really draw anything on my spare time. Because of that I tried to develop a habit to draw at least something on weekends to keep me interested in drawing and keep track of my skills.

There was many up and downs while drawing these. I also learned some very valuable things about drawing and myself. But that's another story for some other day..


Dec 13, 2012

Ice Bird experiment

Last night I was angry at myself so I did what every sane person would do in that kind of situation: I crafted something Angry birds related out of paper. And behold! A fake 3D Ice bird!

Now I want to make 3D-ish paper craft of all the birds flying in space. That would be so cool.

Dec 3, 2012

Finished owl

I got photos of the finished owl card. Colours are a little bit off but it doesn't matter. 

Thank you J-M for taking these!

Oct 31, 2012

"Riddle me this.. Riddle me that.."

I know few people who would scream at me for using this kind of colour combinations but.. who cares? It's  Halloween! It's supposed to be horrible!

Yellow is dressed as The Riddler from Batman Forever (1995). 

And of course sketch version:

Oct 28, 2012


Sorry for being absent! [insert here a lame explanation why]

Right now I can only post this photo of an own card that I was working on Friday  Sadly, I didn't take photo of it when it was finished so I guess you can only imagine what it looked like.

I promise to upload stuff more often!

Sep 16, 2012

Sep 3, 2012

Because friendship is magic

I felt a little bit ashamed when I previously uploaded my old drawings.. So here's something less embarrassing! My Little Ponies! Wait..

Last one is a drawing for my friend.

Aug 22, 2012

Old stuff!

Stuff from the past!

2009. Tested Chinese ink and Chinese brushes long time ago. Coloured on Photoshop.

2009. Apparently, I had a little bit ambition to try to paint something realistic back then. Too bad I never had patience to finish it. That dude is supposed to be that villain from Casino Royale (2006).

 2009. Ah, this card brings memories! Or at least the background does. For long time I avoided drawing actual backgrounds for cards by drawing.. whatever that is supposed to be. But at least they looked pretty to look at! I guess..

2009. A sheep. That's it.

Sorry, short post.

Jul 30, 2012

Extraordinary dromedary

I have been listening The Glitch Mob remixes and got this idea to draw a some sort of cyborg dromedary. Well, not entirely cyborg, it just has robotic leg. Still trying to polish the idea and do more drawings to see what works best.

Sketches and rough plans:

Jul 14, 2012

ett lodjur

A drawing, a test or something for.. something. I don't remember anymore.

Oh, look. The hind leg is longer than the front leg. Bummer.

Jul 13, 2012

Sneaky visitor

Photos this time! 

Check out who came for a visit when me and my friend were having lunch at the Zoo!

This mister decided to go under our table, peck my shoe and stare us. He was checking if we could give him something to eat (and we didn't). I knew that the peacocks are pretty tame at Korkeasaari (they are free to go wherever they want) but I had no idea that they can come so close that you can almost touch them.

I also managed to take pictures of peahen. I edited the background slightly darker so that the peahen would be more visible in the photo.