Jun 18, 2012

Girls, girls, girls..

Found some faces that were done between 2010 -2011. Mainly experiments, some of them are nice and some could use some serious fixing. Many of them seem to have neck problems. Oh, well.

Jun 5, 2012

Birthday drawings

I asked people to suggest what I should draw on my birthday. And here they are!

A giraffe having cake with giraffe patterns and giraffe candles on his / her birthday! What is that cake made of anyway? Honey?

Couldn't stop there so I drew another one. Ungh, the colours.. And did that giraffe secretly take some piece of cake? What a horrible chef.

And there was also a request to draw a crab (or space jellyfish). I wanted to to try to draw a crab because I have never drawn them before. The only part that I haven't quite figured out yet is how to draw crab's eyes and where exactly to place them..

It feels soooo refreshing to be able to draw something for a long time. I have been so busy writing reports and movie reviews at school that I haven’t even remembered to draw. And when I actually have some spare time, I use all that time to read some books. Damn books!