Jul 30, 2012

Extraordinary dromedary

I have been listening The Glitch Mob remixes and got this idea to draw a some sort of cyborg dromedary. Well, not entirely cyborg, it just has robotic leg. Still trying to polish the idea and do more drawings to see what works best.

Sketches and rough plans:

Jul 14, 2012

ett lodjur

A drawing, a test or something for.. something. I don't remember anymore.

Oh, look. The hind leg is longer than the front leg. Bummer.

Jul 13, 2012

Sneaky visitor

Photos this time! 

Check out who came for a visit when me and my friend were having lunch at the Zoo!

This mister decided to go under our table, peck my shoe and stare us. He was checking if we could give him something to eat (and we didn't). I knew that the peacocks are pretty tame at Korkeasaari (they are free to go wherever they want) but I had no idea that they can come so close that you can almost touch them.

I also managed to take pictures of peahen. I edited the background slightly darker so that the peahen would be more visible in the photo.

Jul 5, 2012

disappointment, 2012

Alright. Here it is. My graduation film that I wrote about few months ago when I was working on it. Some of you sweet visitors have been asking to see it so I guess it is fair to show it.

The animated short can be viewed on Vimeo. But I have to warn you that the the quality isn’t the best. I have no idea what happened when I uploaded it on Vimeo, maybe the file was too large and they had to lower the quality a little bit. I try to do something about it when I have time to work on it again. 

Also, the video is password-protected. The password is: keliakia


If you don’t understand what the “story” is about, don’t worry. Even I am not sure what it is supposed to be about. Your guess is as good as mine. So far it’s just about a “dancing” rabbit because that’s what I wanted to animate back then. How silly.

Jul 2, 2012

Random stuff.

I'm so sorry! I haven't been drawing that much and there has been so much stuff to- ah, forget it. Here's something.

Also "Yay!" because I finally graduated. I was the only person in my class who managed to graduate this year. Cool.