Nov 26, 2010

After thinking few days I decided to start a sketchblog. I have no idea how often I am going to update but hopefully more often than once a month.

 I was thinking about animating a short scene where I use Bruce Willis's voice for the boxer. But I still have work on it.

Cheetah's head is very hard to draw.  I keep drawing too low or too high forehead. I have the same problem with the muzzle.

 I guess the smallest on the corner turned out pretty good.

I started drawing elephants few months ago. I almost get the head right but I still have to practise to make it look natural. Legs are also a big problem.

Yes, that's a mandrill on the right corner.

 I love that egg-head-flamingo.

I forgot how to draw flamingo's beak properly so I googled some pictures. 

 I was tired of drawing realistic looking mandrills so I tried to stylize a little bit. The heads are okay but there's major problems with the hindlegs and hands. And that's because I haven't studied them so much. Again, if you want to draw something well, you have to understand what you are drawing.

Testing, testing..

Nothing yet, still trying to figure out how things work.