Apr 14, 2011

The birds

Sometimes I spend my time planning a story about birds. I never plan the actual story, just different scenes and how the characters react with each other. It would be cool to make a cartoon show about them, but there's few problems:

1. I can't write good stories.

2. I don't have money to make a cartoon show.

3. I don't know if this is really worth it.

Yeah.. But check this out!

The Black-headed Gull isn't one of the main characters but I wanted to include him just for fun. He looks pretty cute.

The designs look fine but those markings make them complicated to animate (if they were part of a cartoon show). The hawfinch still has too many markings but everytime when I take some details away, I feel that soon it won't be recognizable. Maybe in a comic book these designs would work.

You will probably ask why the title is in English and the names are in Finnish. Well... I can't give good answer to that but at least they sound exotic for non-Finnish people. :D

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