Jul 28, 2011


Some sketches from April. That time I realised that I was losing my grip on drawing mooses so I went back to basics and watched videos and photos of mooses. The first three are studies from photos.


Moose is a tricky animal. It is a massive, almost noble looking animal and yet so weird. It's the muzzle that makes it so silly. It's not like horse's muzzle, the nose hangs down. It moves well when the moose moves its mouth or nostrills but that doesn't mean it's made of rubber. And that's important thing to remember because if you don't internalize that the nose is made of flesh you easily start to draw very, very weird noses.

If there's one thing that I don't care about drawing it's probably the antlers. For me they are the most uninteresting part, which is silly because they are the most recognizable parts of moose.

 The last sketch one is from memory. The right one is the original sketch of the "horror moose."

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