Oct 23, 2011

Bird attack!

Alright! I'm going for internship to Rovio for two months. I will be doing awesome stuff, like storyboards and graphic design. This is great! GREAT I tell you!

To celebrate this I will now upload plenty of artwork! Of birds!

Red listens some awesome music. What ever it is, I want to listen it too.

Oh, and I should mention that I found out few days ago that there's an official Angry Birds picture that resembles this pic. And it is this. Now I feel silly.

A hawfinch!

In my head this character is a female but everytime when I colour this character the colours resemble more male's colouring. I have to stop being lazy and just find some photos of female hawfinches for reference.

I'm not so into drawing lineless art but I have to admit that sometimes it is quite fun.

A badass crested tit! Or an evil, emotionally confused, wrongly accused, and attention seeking crested tit... who looks badass.

This is what happens if you combine a giraffe and a hummingbird. It's cute, unnecessary and it doesn't make any sense.

And because this weird creature is so adorable you can have him as a wallpaper for your desktop! Neat, huh?

That's all folks!


  1. Oh man congratulations for the internship! Thats a dream come true, and surely a well deserved one *-*

    I can only marvel at how you can make simplicity look this good. I'd totally love that finch as a T-shirt print, or a tattoo even!
    (guess who's got a new wallpaper now hoho)

  2. Lenotion: Thank you!

    It's funny to hear that you like the simple look! I personally don't really like it that much. I would love to draw complicated and anatomically accurate drawings like you do! :) It has been forever when I last time drew something that actually looked that it had bones or even flesh inside it...

    Mwahahaa! That wallpaper is slowly taking over the world!