Feb 16, 2013

Siepermann 1962 - 2013

Sorry, I'm not posting art this time.

I just now learned that one of the most amazing character designers and my personal idol has passed away. I'm of course talking about Harald Siepermann. He did unbelievable character designs for numerous Disney movies (Tarzan, Brother Bear, Treasure Planet..) and for a great cartoon series Alfred J. Kwak (1989).

Siepermann was extremely talented and his designs were beautiful combination of realism, simple shapes and details. Everything he drew had life in it and clear personality. He never overstylized his designs. He didn't draw pictures that were pretty to look at, he created actual characters.

You can check his character designs from his blog. I'll share the same link that Cartoonbrew.com did.

When me and my friend will be watching Alfred J. Kwak again, Siepermann will be in our minds. And I really, really, hope that one day his family will publish his artbook that includes all his artwork from 1995 to 2010 like he planned. 

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