Dec 27, 2010

Moleskine sketchbook attack!

Oh boy.. I left my other sketchbook at home, so I can only show what sketches I have done on my new sketchbook.

So, here you go! Bunch of sketches that I made during Holidays! These are the ones that I like or at least look enough to be here. Let the madness begin!

Long time ago, I really didn't like to draw animals with human clothing. I don't even know why. But now, after watching Alfred J. Kwak (which is an incredible show!), I don't find it so bad anymore. Okay, sometimes I find it bad but only if it is done horribly.


Took reference from a random google picture.

Umm.. yes. Cats. LOTS OF THEM. Or, at least heads.

 Ignore the silhouettes.

There is two things that I find hard when I am drawing tigers:

1. They always end up looking like lions from The Lion King

2. That fur on the cheeks (or as I like to say, muttonchops).

What on earth is that dolphin doing there?

If this picture only had energy and movement, this would be very nice!

Very quick and poorly done studies.

I didn't use reference when I did this so there are some mistakes.

I really like the flow in this one. 

There's something in this giraffe that makes me think of Jafar. It must be the eyes..

 It has been a year when I drew this otter character. He/She is from my first animated short.

More otters..

My dog likes to sleep on my mother's shoe.


And more!

I wanted to make a self-portrait but there was too many things going on at the moment, that I couldn't really focus. As a self-portrait this isn't good at all, but if you think it just a random sketch, then.. it is quite alright.


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