Jan 3, 2011

Sweet cartoon villains, Part 1

I'm having so much trouble with animating right.. So here you go, some fanart this time.

I frickin' love Rataxes. He is one the funniest and sympathetic characters in children's cartoon. And he is voiced by Kari Hietalahti in Finnish dub! One of my favorite actors!

This fanart is also some sort of a "thank you" card for my friend. Thanks to her, I had a chance to see the Babar cartoon again and see how charming show it really is. She also introduced me again to Alfred J. Kwak series but I'll talk about that next time.

And here's some other sketches of Rataxes.

 Rataxes trying to put a tie on, as you can see.

Mr. and Mrs. Rataxes.

There you go!

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