Jan 13, 2011

Puppet test

So, now I have an account on Vimeo and I have uploaded one animation test there. It's puppet animation. You can watch it here.

The moose puppet in the video was build by me with a little help from my teacher. It is my first puppet that I have ever made. It doesn't really look like a moose (looks more likea a crossbreed between a bear and a manatee with horns) but at least it moves well.

The fur is made of ordinary shower towel. The head and horns are made of Efaplast Light modelling clay, and painted with acrylics. The hooves are made of milliput and also painted with acrylics. Inside the puppet there is wire and plastic foam.

Just fooling around a little bit. :)

The legs bend quite nicely. The jaw, eyes and the ears also move.

A moose vs. a dinosaur! Place your bets!

I will someday upload some photos how the puppet was made.

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