Feb 3, 2011

This time.. gray backgrounds!

My friend drew a great picture of me. I'm using it as my avatar right now! I also changed the titlecard on top.

I put watermark on my sketches just in case if they start to wander around the internet. At least people will know where they come from.

Everytime when I start a new sketchbook I have to draw a very detailed sketch in the first or second page. Because then I can draw bunch of more or less great sketches and never worry if they all look horrible because I will always have at least one good drawing. Silly, isn't it?

I really envy artists who can draw in public. So, I took a big step and forced myself to draw in a train. It was indeed a great accomplishment, except that I was the only one in the train.

 A proud and yet tired looking lioness.

 Spooky bunny. Yes.

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