Jun 11, 2011

Sweet cartoon villains, Part 2

Oh yeah! Now we are talking!

Ah, NegaDuck. What could be more evil than an archnemesis from the alternate universe? Many things, but in Darkwing Duck series there's nothing more evil than that!

Probably because he is Darkwing's greatest enemy, he is my favorite villain in the show. I'm not saying that other villains are useless and boring. Oh no, they are great and cleverly created (think about Liquidator, he's an ex-salesman who had a horrible accident and now his whole body is made of water). The thing is that because NegaDuck and Darkwing are opposites of themselves, they can bring out their best and worst in them. I'm not sure if I was clear enough but simply saying only Darkwing can make NegaDuck incredibly mad, and only NegaDuck can force Darkwing to use his greatest knowledge and skills to beat him. It is fascinating and funny at the same time.

The voice of NegaDuck has to mentioned. Even though he is a cartoon villain, he has an incredible voice. A deep, sinister and sarcastic voice. He is voiced by the same guy who voices also Darkwing Duck, Jim Cummings. Oh, and the Finnish voice also rocks! If I remember correctly, it was Antti Pääkkönen who voiced him. That guy voices everything in Finnish Disney dubs.

Everyone who is familiar with NegaDuck has probably noticed that there's a small crack in his cape in this picture. You can read an explanation for that from deviantART. Let's just say that everything started from a mistake and ended horribly.

If you are interested to read more about the DW series you can check out these great blogs:

Toby Shelton is a story artist, working for Dreamworks. He made model sheets of Darkwing Duck and Gosalyn for the series. Beside all the DW stuff, his other work is impressive too!

Tad Stones was a writer and producer of DW. In his blog he writes about the days when he was working on DW. He's very open and even admits that not everything turned out great in the show. You can also read about his past and future projects, which are interesting and insightful.

NegaDuck © Disney

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