Aug 26, 2011

Coloured paper

I noticed long time ago that I have large amount of multi coloured paper pads. I got them probably five years ago from my father but I never found any use for them. After staring at that pile for a while, I had to do something with them. And this is what I did:

 Incredibly simple work. Not my cup of tea but it was good enough for first try.

 I wanted to try something more detailed but ended doing this mess. The colours are insane because surprisingly there wasn't as many colours as I wanted.

I realised at this point how important is to plan all the layers when you are working with paper. The shadows give so much life so you better use them well. Next time I will be better!

And of course I had to do two business cards. Sizes are 9 cm x 4 cm if I remember correctly. However, the owl is made with markers.

It was fun to work on these but you seriously have to plan how you are going to build the card and also prepare to work all day.


  1. These paper collages are awesome! What patience you have! Im sure you know Brittney Lee right???

  2. To Gillibean:

    Thank you!

    Yes, she was actually the reason why I wanted to try these. :) She is incredibly talented!