Sep 6, 2011


I don't have much time so I'll just write as quickly as possible. Sorry!

I uploaded an animatic on vimeo. You can watch it HERE.

Here's a little background info for this video:

A week ago I was going to a job interview at Finnish animation studio. I cant give you any specific details right now but I was looking for a job as a storyboard artist. Unfortunately, my portfolio didn't include any storyboards. So, I had to do one before the interview.

I really wanted to build a storyboard around a dialogue that had been already recorded. I chose a dialogue from a movie called The Unbreakable (2000, © Touchstone Pictures). Bruce Willis does a great job delivering his lines and somehow manages to be calm, sad and slightly angry at the same time.

In two days I managed to create this animatic. I could have done it faster but I really wanted to capture all the emotion that was going on in that dialogue. And because the scene was very short I had also to think very carefully and make sure that every shot has a meaning.

So yes, I managed to finish it before the interview. How did the interview go? Well, actually I didn't have a right moment to show the video for my employer. So he didn't see it... yet.

Final thoughts:

I am quite pleased with the video. The only downside is the fourth picture. It sort of "breaks" the mood because it seems off.  I showed this animatic to my storyboard teacher and even she agreed with me that there's something odd about it.

If it looks so odd, why did I draw it in the first place? Well, I actually had an idea behind it until later I realised that it didn't work out so well. I'll try to explain what is the idea behind that picture.

In the close-up (3rd picture in the video) the old dog is telling a dark secret to the puppy. The secret is that two human children almost killed him. In this shot he is almost talking to himself to remind himself what happened to him.

In the fourth picture (the picture that I find problematic) the old dog rises his voice and now he is talking to the puppy. We are looking at him from puppy's perspective. That's why he see  the back of his head. He's also trying to avoid looking at the puppy because he is embarrased what happened to him.

And that's my explanation. Sort of.

If anyone has critique or something to say about the video, feel free to write!

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