Dec 17, 2011

A break at work

Everytime when I have nothing to do at work (which is very, very rare!), I try to sketch something on my sketchbook. I haven't been able to draw animals for a long time so the sketches are a bit rusty. Most of them are missing life and dynamic poses. I'll work on that next year.

Explanation for the last picture: If you flip the giraffe's face, you will notice that the face looks kinda undeformed. The drawing should always look "right" when you flip it. It's a good way to notice mistakes and try to balance the drawing.

It's refreshing but also strange to see how open the artists are at my workplace. They are curious and more than happy to show their own paintings and sketches. I'm still very shy when it comes showing my sketches to my co-workers. They are so talented that my drawings are nothing compared to theirs. The lineart, the colours, the use of enviroment in their art.. I can't compete with that.

Maybe one day I will be as good as they are. One day..

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