Dec 17, 2011

Working at Rovio

 Wow, two posts on the same day. Who knew?

Once again I am talking about Angry Birds. Official stuff this time.

Like I said before, I started an internship at Rovio Entertainment on November. I really enjoy working there and I have learned so many things! It took some time for me to adapt the style and learn how things are done there, but I think I am finally getting the hang of it. This wouldn't have been possible without wonderful co-workers!

Not so long time ago we finished a commercial where the Angry Birds advertise Samsung's new phone, Samsung Galaxy Note. This wasn't my first Angry Birds project (my first AB project was the Ham'o'Ween short where I did a draft storyboard) but it was my first time working on AB project with other people at Rovio.

The commercial goes very fast (it's only 15 seconds long) so you might not be able to notice everything on first view.

I inked and painted digitally the backgrounds for this commercial. Layout and colour keys were done by insanely talented Jean Michel Boesch. I also drew the christmas hats and made lineart for the phones. The phones were beautifully coloured by Veronica. Oh, and I also made storyboards for this.

And just to let you know: I am not allowed to publish backgrounds, storyboards or anything "behind the scenes" related stuff of Angry Birds or anything that I do at Rovio. I can only show here the finished product that has already put on Youtube and some fanart.

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