Feb 3, 2012

"And we're launchin', and we're crashin'.."

Here’s a sneak peek of my other unfinished project that started two days ago..

That’s right! It’s the Green bird! In fake 3D!

It wasn’t that hard to build but it took forever to glue every pieces together. And of course because it is quite small it is a bit tricky to handle.

I don’t like the pigs, especially the one that has mouth open. There’s something off about it and I spent almost an hour trying to figure out why. The Green bird isn’t perfect either but for a first attempt it looks ok.

Background is still unplanned (obviously). A background from "Summer Pignic" level could work well here.

Since the beak worked out so nicely on Green bird I wondered would it work on Mighty Eagle too. I made two tests for the beak.

The top is a little more cartoonish and the bottom one is a little bit more “realistic” beak. If the top one was a bit longer it would be perfect for Mighty Eagle.

And yes, I admit. I should focus more on my animation project than this. But.. this is much more interesting! I’m still quite new to these paper craft things so everything about it interests me!

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