Jan 20, 2012

AB: Year of the Dragon

To celebrate Rovio's newest animated short, I will upload here an Angry Birds themed card. I made it on my last day at Rovio. Well, not literally my "last" day, I still work there but.. err.. anyway!

I was planning to upload this card on the same day when it was made but I decided to wait. The card was heavily influenced by the animated short that we were working on that time, so I thought it would be better to let Rovio first upload their animation and after that put this card here.

Normally I don't make huge colour corrections for these cards, but here I had to make Yellow's feathers and White's eyebrows and hair more visible. I knew I shouldn't have put so dark grass behind White. It should have been a little bit lighter but it was too late in that point. I seriously should plan the colour palettes first before making these cards.

 Oh, yeah! The animated short!

I made the storyboard and some clean-up for mouth animation.

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  1. Wow! That card is so beautiful! I wish I had one of those!