Jan 4, 2012

There's so many great artists out there that I just want punch them in the face. Then apologize, hide myself and never come back.

Yeah, I'm pretty frustrated right now. Sorry. But if you are an amazing artist and you make me feel like I want to punch you, that only means that I adore your work. Remember that.

So.. I always say that I will practise drawing humans and every time I just.. well, I don't draw them as often as I should. Now I really have to do something about it. Here's some more or less cartoony faces that I dare to show..

 I took a very, very tiny red pen (actually, there was only the nib left) and tried to draw with it with interesting results.

 I was trying to make lineart for this one sketch that I personally like. I think the smile on her face looks quite sweet. But for some reason I couldn't get that same "sweetness" in the lineart version.

 Dammit. What did I do wrong here?

And for those you don't care about humans, here's a monster. Grr.