Mar 22, 2012

Commissions 2009 – 2010

Back in the old days (haha, nearly three years ago) I did lot of commissions. They were quite cheap, about $15 per drawing (one or two character(s), digital ink, full colour, no BG) if I remember right. All of them are drawings of customer’s own character. This explains why there are sometimes bright unusual colours, extraordinary details and strange looking creatures. That’s the fun and the most challenging part of the job. You never know what you get to draw.

These drawings that I am going to show here are way much smaller than the original drawings (some of the originals are over 1500x1900 or 2000x1900 pixels large). These also have huge ugly watermarks. The reason for this is that it was part of the deal, that the customer will get the full resolution of the drawing without the watermark. If I ever wanted to post the drawing on internet, I have to put a smaller picture that has a watermark on it. This way the customer will always have his/her “original” drawing.

Please remember, that these are old drawings. I am fully aware of the mistakes and what parts should be fixed (mainly body parts, like legs etc.). But sadly I can’t go to past… Or can I?


  1. Wow! Spectacular, my friend! Congratulations!
    Success and much peace.

  2. Wow!! Every single detail is seen and the shading is definitely wonderful!