Mar 30, 2012


Stuff that I inked (or was supposed to ink). Then I said “the hell with this!” and stopped. Behold of head shots and almost-finished-drawings-of-full-bodies-and-stuff!

You know what? I kinda like the inked version more than the sketch.

Apparently that snow leopard is thinking about pie or making one... of humans!

I'm pretty sure someone has created a character that looks something like this. I'll call it "ötökkä" (= "a bug") for now on.

A bear.

A female mandrill.

I don't draw monsters anymore because I keep repeating the same ideas over and over again. Plus, I always think that every monster I create is a rip-off of someone elses drawing.

This was supposed to be a cave inside a waterfall but I couldn't draw.. well, the waterfall. Now it's just a random unfinished cave.

This was something random, never meant to be actually inked or coloured in serious matter. Just a doodle done during a break. And yes, I don't know how to draw griffins because I never draw them. And.. oh, shoot, the front legs are in wrong position, I just realised that.

Noo, more griffins! How did this happen?!

A giant kitty! Looks quite bland, though..

This sketch has been haunting me since 2011. And that is a mask that the girl is holding, not an actual animal head. Well, if it was an actual animal head, I wouldn't know what animal that is even supposed to be. Some sort of mandrill-god or something neat like that.

In case you were wondering what the lineart of NegaDuck looked like without the colours. Coloured version can be found here.

Yeah, no dynamic or very interesting drawings this time. All the work is taking so much energy right now.

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  1. Genial, parabéns! Trabalhos incríveis! Grande talento, meu amigo!

    Sucesso e paz.