Mar 9, 2012

Working title, Part 5

I’m now doing clean-up and backgrounds. And there's a problem..

The situation with clean-up process is now this:

Ready:  3
WIP:  4
Undone:  16 / 23

I seriously have to think about this clean-up process again. 

I told before that during the dance scenes the rabbit will be a black silhouette that is dancing in front of blueish background. Now, I can draw dark silhouettes easily and quite fast, it's not a problem. But the highlights make things complicated. You have to draw those very carefully and always keep in mind where the light and shadow comes from. It takes more time than drawing the black silhouette. And that is the most painful part of the clean-up. It's so painful and time-consuming that I don't even know is it possible to finish this whole animation in time.

I could easily get rid of the highlights and draw just the dark silhouettes, but it doesn't look good enough. Here's a screenshot of the clean-up process:

Those highlights make the character look much interesting and three-dimensional. Most of the movements wont even work well if there's no highlights. Aaaargh.

Alright.. I think I will first draw the character in every single scene black and then later add the highlights if I have time for that.

And now the backgrounds:

Ready:  5
WIP:  2
Undone:  11 / 18

Luckily backgrounds aren’t that hard to do. I can do 2 or 3 of them in one day. Here’s an example of one:

Did I mention that the backgrounds move? Just a tiny amount? Freaaaakyyy.


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