Mar 2, 2012

What are these anyway

I don’t know what these are supposed to be. At first these were “background exercises”, then “silly attempts to draw anything dynamic” and finally random doodles. What a transformation.

I realized something funny while drawing these. Apparently I can make a simple basic structure of the background but then suddenly after that I lose all my interest. That’s why all of these drawings look so empty and unfinished. They lack interesting details and texture. I’m not that much into drawing details or polishing the drawing unless it is absolutely necessary. I enjoy more making rough drawings because there's just "something" in them, like I have said before.

My personal favorite is the one where the wolf is running down a hill (come to think of it, it has been forever when I last time drew a wolf. Interesting..) And that picture where a red animal in falling down is absolutely horrendous but I learned a lot while drawing that. Like how to mess up a picture without knowing how to use perspective correctly! 

Why yes, I do like to draw rocks but I am too lazy to bother to use any reference of them. How lazy and unprofessional is that?

And now something else: This is a bit old news but if you still haven’t seen Waking Sleeping Beauty documentary, watch it. It’s a document about Disney Animation Studios during 1980’s – 90’s. It doesn’t really focus that much on animation process but more about what happened inside the studios during that time.

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