Apr 2, 2012

Working title, Part 6

This is it. Only one month to go!

 How's the clean-up process going? Well:

Ready:  10
WIP: 12
Undone:  0 / 22

Loooooking gooooood.

I threw one shot away because that wasn’t necessary. And surprisingly the whole animation didn’t get any shorter. It actually got longer. What the-

The animated short has a name, by the way. But I’m not going tell reveal it yet! Let’s just say that.. haha, you will be disappointed when you hear it. 

Doing some clean-up for that shot. It was one of the first shots that I animated for this project. The animation is very wobbly and the head movement doesn't look good. Back then I didn't even try to animate that carefully because I thought that I will work this out later. And now I have to deal with my past mistake and try to fix every single frame. Damn me!

And don't freak out! The ears will be added later. The bunny is not going to be bald. :)

Let's keep fingers crossed and hope that this whole thing will be finished during this month. I'm so tired that I just want it to end already.


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  1. Mä arvaan. Sen nimi on The Dancing Rabbit.

    t. Heta



    T. Heta ja Emmi!

  3. Yay! I can't wait to see it finished sooner!

  4. Oh, and additionally, what software do you use to make these animations?

    1. I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. :)